Compare Discounts for Your Home

You can get a lower home insurance rate if your home has certain features or was built to meet modern safety standards.

Homes that better resist damage or protect you from injury or loss resulting from accidents, disasters, theft, or other perils are lower risk to insure. Less risk and liability means that insurance companies can reward these homeowners with a variety of savings and discounts.

Read on to compare discounts for your home and to see if you qualify.

Discounts Based on Home Construction

If your home is newly built, constructed to be fire or weather-resistant, or has certain upgrades, you may be able to claim discount percentages in the double digits. Note that it is difficult to provide exact percentages, since no two homes or carriers are alike.

If any of the below sounds like your home, then you may be eligible for these discounts:

  • New home construction: % savings vary
  • Newer home (less than six years old): % savings vary
  • New roof: % savings vary
  • Superior construction classification (when the frame, floors, siding, and roof are made of non-combustible materials): % savings vary
  • Improvements that make the home more resistant to fire or weather-related damage (including roof, siding, electrical, heating, and plumbing upgrades, or adding storm shutters): % savings vary

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Discounts for Safety Features

Safety and security features, such as burglar, smoke, and fire alarms, sprinklers, or water and gas leak detectors, can provide homeowners with discount percentages in the single digits. This might sound small, but the savings add up quickly.

If you have any of the below in your home, then you may qualify for these discounts:

  • Fire safety features (including smoke alarms, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers): % savings vary
  • Crime prevention systems (including deadbolt locks, burglar alarms, and home security systems): % savings vary
  • Water or gas leak detectors: % savings vary

As you can see, a safer, better constructed home can help you save. And the savings don’t have to end there; make sure to check if you qualify for policy discounts as well. Learn more here.

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